Can anyone Learn Karate?

Yes! anyone who can engage in regular physical activity can learn Karate. Since Karate stresses the use of your entire body it offers incredible health benefits. Women and Children make some of the best students.

At what age can children and adult start?

For a child, an understanding of basic of movement is necessary, usually 5 or 6 years old and older. For adults, any age is a good time to start, including older adults.

What does Karate training involved

Karate training involves both aerobic and anaerobic type workouts. There are typically three parts to a Karate lesson: Basic Techniques, Pre-Arranged Forms and Sparring. The basics consists of blocks, punches, kicks, strikes and various body movements. The pre-arranged forms called Kata, are sequences of movements practiced for the purpose of developing coordination of techniques, spirit and overall proficiency. Sparring involves the application of these techniques and movements through mainly pre-arranged applications. Once more advanced, students are allowed to engage is more free-style applications.

What is the significance of the color belts?

Traditionally the beginner starts with a White belt, working up to a Black belt. There are 8 ranking steps between the White and Black belts. As the student progresses the belt colors advance from White, to Yellow, Green, Purple, Brown and finally Black. Advancement through the ranks involves a proficiency test of basic techniques and a specific Kata.

Do you need to enter tournaments to advance in ranks?

No. Competition is one facet of Karate training and is completely optional. It’s also not a requirement for rank advancement. The emphasis of Karate training is self development, physically and mentally and therefore only dependent on your personal ability and progress.

What is needed for a Karate training session?

The only thing needed is a Karate uniform, known as a Gi.  In the first lessons you may wear comfortable clothes such as T-shirt and Workout shorts or pants. A towel and water is also highly recommended.